The International Film Series is run by a small but dedicated staff of movie lovers. Look for us at any show and let us know how we're doing.

Pablo Kjolseth

Pablo Kjolseth, IFS Director. IFS Director Pablo Kjolseth's other duties at IFS include being its Chief Financial Officer, Senior Programmer, Researcher, Program Guide Editor, Print Traffic Manager & Coordinator, Billing Coordinator, Office Coordinator, Human Resources & Payroll Coordinator, Development Coordinator for Special Events, Sales & Marketing Director, Website Manager, Customer Service Manager, and Finance Director. He has over 20 years experience working in various jobs related to the film industry, including acquisitions for cable tv, reading scripts for development, and writing film reviews for Turner Classic Movies.

John Adams, Graphic Design & Layout. John Adams created the graphics for the IFS web site and produces the IFS schedule and print ads. He's a Boulder area digital graphic artist, cartoonist and 3-D modeler/animator whose work can be seen at John Adams Graphic Art.

Marty Mapes, Webmaster. Editor of Movie Habit, Marty oversaw the recent redevelopment of our web site. A computer whiz and a movie lover, Marty is a great addition to our staff for all things computer- and website-related.

Nick Reed, Staff Writer. Nick Reed is a discerning cinephile and writer for Movie Habit.

Risë Keller, Web Content

John Templeton, Senior Union Projectionist. John Templeton has over 30 years experience as a projectionist and has worked as a camera operator on films such as Stanley Kubrick's The Shining, and many more.

Tony Hernandez, Projectionist. Tony Hernandez has made the projection booth a personal passion and has interviewed operators across Colorado.

Jeff Gabel, Manager.

James Williams, Manager.

Autumn Bjugstad, Manager.

Matthew Whalen, Cashier.

David Simmons, Cashier.

Sarah Simmons, Cashier.

Rachel Stuckey, Cashier.

Eric Coombs, Cashier.


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