Comb-Over: The Movie

Chris Marino In-Person

Mon April 17
7:00 only

Some of the finest moments in hairstyle history came during the Iran-Contra hearings; as a relief from the political storm, a startled nation's water-cooler discussions hinged on Senator George Mitchell's "combover." The style itself is far from dead--that impulse for a balding man to bring a few strands of hair up from the side and slap them over the top of his shiny pate. Producers/directors Chris Marino and Tim Fenoglio document a trek across the United States that is filled with hilarious and often intimately revealing interviews with guys who sport the combover. An avid golfer, Shelly talks easily about his photo-library documenting his hairdo over the years. For Barry, a restaurateur from Chicago, it's "just a habit." Rufus maintains that the combover keeps his head warm on cold days, though he admits his wife would like him to reconsider the hairstyle. Jim is a bald man who loves hair: he would kind of like a pompadour but has to settle for the combover. Already touted on "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno and "Countdown with Keith Olbermann," Combover: The Movie also digs into the hairstyle's history and cultural and religious contexts. The history-happy filmmakers even discover veiled references in the Old Testament. They also include interviews with a number of hair experts, including physicians, hair "practitioners" and an enthusiast who obtained a U.S. patent for the combover. Shooting over 18 months, they paid out $100 for each glorious interview. "Nowadays people are too quick to get transplants or wear a toupé," laments Shelly, with his hairstyle photo-library. "Finally someone (has recorded) for posterity the dying art of the combover." Interviewer Marino has worked as producer and director for Discovery, Animal Planet and HGTV; Fenoglio has worked as a cameraman for Animal Planet and on the video side of the music industry. (from the Starz DIFF schedule)

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Comb-Over: The Movie
USA, 2005, in English, Color, 55 min

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