The Man Without a World

Eleanor Antin In-Person

Mon March 6
7:30 only

Eleanor Antin is an influential performance artist, filmmaker, and installation artist, who focuses on history - whether of ancient Rome, the Crimean War, the salons of nineteenth-century Europe, or her own Jewish heritage and Yiddish culture - as a way to explore the present. She received a Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship in 1997 and a Media Achievement Award from the National Foundation for Jewish Culture in 1998. She has had numerous solo exhibitions, including an award-winning retrospective at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in 1999. Antin is a highly respected artist and teacher, and has been a professor at the University of California, San Diego since 1975.

The Man Without a World is an amazing recreation of a black and white silent melodrama that appears to be directed by an imaginary genius named Yevgeny Antinov in Poland in 1928. Drawing elaborately on the traditions of Yiddish cinema - dybbuks, weddings, exorcisms - and imposing a witty, feminist slant on them, the movie follows the fortunes of a merchant’s daughter whose bohemian lover is seduced away from her by a sultry gypsy ballerina, played by Antin herself.

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The Man Without a World
USA, 95 min

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This film shows at Muenzinger Auditorium

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